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Brief History

Swallow Coaches started a bold new service on 1st September 2014, establishing once again a link between Harlow, Waltham Abbey and Loughton in the form of new routes 66 (Debden - Harlow) and 66A (Loughton - Waltham Abbey) under the EOS London name. These routes offered a regular all-day timetable on Mondays to Saturdays using a fleet in the striking and smart livery once worn by Pennine Motor services.

The service network then evolved with the main emphasis on the commercial side moved to the Loughton/Debden - Waltham Cross corridor as the 66, where competition with Roadrunner ceased and gave the corridor exclusively to EOS. The Harlow to Waltham Cross and Upshire element is separated as the 86 (previously 66A). The seemingly simple route 66 is often beset by traffic delays when car drivers use the back lanes to escape problems on the M25, added to the bottleneck at Loughton High Road.

The next major innovation was on 1st September 2016 when new route 87 restarted  competition on the Harlow to Sumners/Katherines and Epping routes every 15 minutes. It still exists but in a much revised form. Other routes operated locally but outside Harlow are shown below.

EOS have made strong strides in customer engagement with good printed publicity and a professional website with full fares as well as times and regular twitter updates.

Website: www.eoslondon.com

Current fleet list

Scania N230 Omniciti
Recent acquisitions to the fleet and also presently the youngest are these. Purchased for staff transfers at Heathrow by Menzies, later operating with GHA Coaches whose livery was carried on entry to service, both are now in regular operation. 701 has since been painted into fleet colours.

EOS Scania Omniciti YR10AZV

YR10AZV shows the GHA livery but with fleet name removed. The silver has been carried since new. (R Hudson)
    EOS YR10AZO2 YR10AZO shows the application of fleet livery and logo. (R Hudson)

Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 Dart
Arrived in September 2017 were 2 of this class, registered BX58BGY and GX09AGZ. By early 2018 the former had been sold and the latter reregistered to a previously used cherished mark. 


EOS EOS711-2

Waltham Cross Bus Station is the setting for EOS711. Fleet livery and orange LED display sits well together on this vehicle. The 66 has the largest single vehicle allocation with EOS. (Alex Moynihan)
    EOS EOS711 well The same vehicle in Harlow surrounded by a dusting of snow. (R. Hudson)

Enterprise Plasma/Plaxton Primo 2
An old friend of the Harlow to Waltham Abbey corridor in the form of BU08ACV returned with the launch of the 66 and 66A. This vehicle type remains a rarity, but even so, a second example arrived in February 2015, since departed. 

EOS Enterprise Plasma/Plaxton Primo 2 BU08ACV

A dull day at Harlow sees 661 arrive on the 86. (R Hudson)

Alexander-Dennis Enviro200/MCV Evolution
Arriving in early 2018, four examples of a class which has seen service in London under Docklands Buses, later part of Goahead London. At this stage the London livery, blind apertures and even fleet numbers remain. Generally these were used on Loughton-Ilford service and are longer than the earlier examples at Trustybus, having B29D seating/door configuration. 


In its early days in service, a paper blind displays had to suffice on ED19 at Harlow Bus Station on the 87. (R Hudson)
    EOS LX07BYL ED20 shows a later view, still all-red but now with full blinds for the extended 87, post April 2018. (R Hudson)

Transbus Dart SLF/Caetano Nimbus
During July and August 2015 the three (of four received) lower numbered vehicles entered service, bringing the livery and greater consistency to the network. Their main focus was the 66 service. Since then many more have arrived and departed. Some have LED displays whilst others have conventional blinds








Although mainly used on the 66, 751 has reached Harlow on the former 66A (now 86) service. Fleet names and numbers yet to be applied when seen here. (R Hudson)
    EOS KX03HZW 754 (since withdrawn) shows the offside when seen here departing from the bus station. (R Hudson)
    EOS LK53FDC From the more recent batch, 760 (also since withdrawn) features an effective looking stick-on front display. (R Hudson) 
    EOS LK03NLE A number of the fleet, including 761 (shown) and 762, feature red livery, white on black LT-style custom blinds and dual doors. (R Hudson) 

Transbus Trident/Plaxton President
A January 2015 arrival in full fleet livery and with an LED display fitted was fleet number 100. On 18th January fleet number 100 suffered accident damage at Thornwood.

Then, arriving in April 2016, this time former London General via CT Plus, also in full fleet livery, was fleet number 104.



Fleet number 100 showing how the Harlow section of route had become the 66A, since renumbered 86. (R Hudson)
    EOSPN03ULY The most recent arrival, 104, with grey skirt. (R Hudson)

Dennis Dart SLF/Alexander Pointer
In spring/summer 2017 a number examples of this type appeared in service, initially in a variety of liveries.


The former London heritage is clear on KP02PUK, seen here at Epping Station on the 87. All three were purchased new by Armchair and transferred to Metroline with the rest of the bus operations upon the sale of that business. (R Hudson)
EOS KU52YKO Fleet numbers 744 and 743 saw service with Metroline but started their London lives with Thorpes. 742 (above) is another which came via the Armchair route. Both have now been repainted into fleet livery. (R Hudson)

Volvo B7TL / East Lancs Vyking
Assumed to be principally for school service 133, this one-off fleet member was once a London vehicle which went North East within the Goahead group before being sold on.



This former London vehicle retains its centre doors and red livery. It is seen having performed away from its normal haunt on the 86. (R Hudson)

Other vehicles
The need for spares means that some parent company vehicles will occasionally appear, as shown below.
   HK15XHD Swallow HK15XHD Seen in October 2017 in Harlow Bus station, reason unknown, this modern-day Ford Transit (R Hudson)
  CN07BAA EOS CN07BAA A former Megabus Volvo B12B/Plaxton Panther was first noted operating peak-time Harlow College journeys. The vehicle now carries Swallow Coaches livery.  (R Hudson).
  FN52MZF Swallow FN52MZF Given the ownership of EOS, inevitably the odd coach appearing on a bus route might be expected, as seen here in the case of a Volvo B12/Caetana Enigma appearing on the 66. (R Hudson)
  R714KGK  Swallow Dennis Javelin/Berkhof Radial R714KGK  Similarly Dennis Javelin/Berkhof Radial appeared on short-lived route 16. (R Hudson) 

Route List

Within Harlow:
86 Harlow to Waltham Cross via Waltham Abbey/Upshire, every 90 mins commercial service. Mon-Sat. PVR = 1
87 Harlow to Debden (Epping Forest Shopping Park) via Water Lane, Sumners/Katherines (peaks only), Stewards and Epping Green. Mon-Sat hourly with additional hourly Mon-Fri peak journeys. PVR = 2

Outside Harlow:
Waltham Cross to Epping
Debden Park School to Abridge via Chigwell and Grange Hill
Brentwood to Blackmore
Debden and Loughton to Waltham Cross, Daily commercial service, every 20 minutes Mon-Sat, hourly Sundays (66A) . PVR = 4
854 Waltham Abbey to Debden Park School, single return journey (school service). PVR = 1.

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