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Trustybus were an operating name of Galleon Travel, who had previously used the fleet name TrustLine Buses. After about six years operation as an independent, during which time they made steady gains, they sold out to Centrebus in Summer 2009. Their local stage carriage network combined commercial tendered services for both Essex and Herts, focused more on the latter. They reached Harlow, where they were based, on major commercial competitive Lea Valley service C3, as well as operating on the Saturday only 5 and 354. This period of operation ended on 4th November 2012 when most of the bus operations were sold out to Roadrunner. A number of routes roughly within the Hertford to Stevenage corridor were retained and transferred to operate from the existing depot at Stevanage location, the 5 and 354 being included,

Besides Stevanage, Centrebus are active relatively nearby at Dunstable, as well as further afield, including Leicester. There is some fluidity of vehicle movements between these locations, as well as with operations in the Midlands.

The fleet below represents, approximately, the closing position for the Harlow operations. The future of these vehicles is not known, but they are not expected to move to Roadrunner, who have purchased their own fleet in readiness of the assumption of their new services.

Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer II
The taking up of new contracts for HCC in 2003 prompted the purchase of two brand new vehicles (541 and 542), both of which entered service in full Trustline fleet colours. One remained whilst the other is now at Stevanage. Fleet numbers are carried on the vehicles. Later arrivals have been second-hand former London examples.

A curiosity of the since discontinued Monday to Friday 354 was the extension within Harlow to Princess Alexandra Hospital. 542 (then DLP2) sits in the bus station just before completing its journey. (R Hudson).
The combination of Centrebus livery and Trustybus logos is illustrated on 484. The Trustybus name has since been dropped. (R Hudson).
586 V559JBH One arrival entered service in London livery, but has since been repainted into fleet colours and had an LED display fitted. (R. Hudson).


Transbus Mini Pointer Dart
This particular vehicle once dedicated to HCC route 388 and not really a Harlow regular as such. .
544 EU04BZY

Seen at North Weald Bus rally in June 2004 is what was then the newest entrant to the TrustLine fleet, and numbered DPS3. An LED display has since been fitted. (R Hudson).


Alexander-Dennis Enviro200Dart
Route 388's regular bus was upgraded to the latest incarnation of the Dart. 

Three years later, and the 388 vehicle is once again featured at North Weald. The vehicle design, fleet name, operating company name and type of destination display have all altered in the intervening period.  (R Hudson).


Optare Solo
The take-over of Trustybus by Centrebus and the assumption of Village Link 7 at Bishops Stortford combined to bring to the town the first vehicle in Centrebus livery, being 367. The 7, and subsequent Solo operated C3X no longer run, but a small collection of varied Solos remained. 322 and 390 were expected to have departed with the August service losses at Hertford.


The Optare Solo arrives at Harlow Bus Station on the C3, and offers a contrast with the Trustline colours of the vehicle leaving on the opposite side of the road.  (R Hudson).


Dennis Dart SLF/Alexander ALX200
Spring and summer 2011 arrivals have seen a new type enter service, gradually becoming the dominant full size vehicle in the fleet. The Y-FJN vehicles are former East London Bus Group vehicles.

The white of the fleet livery being adapted to the front body style enhances both, as seen on 505, here on the C3. (R Hudson).
    The nearside view shows the single door conversion that has taken place since the London days. (R Hudson)


Dennis Dart SLF/Marshall Capital C39
In 2008 there arrived three similar vehicles that started life in the 'London Northern' fleet. Only one has seen service lately, and despite the fact that other operators of the type are now disposing of them, this has recently been repainted, suggested that there is life in the old dog yet. A second similar vehicle was added from elsewhere in the fleet in spring 2012.


513 was the first vehicle to emerge in what was then the new Trustybus livery, but it now carries the latest Centrebus livery. (R Hudson)


Dennis Lance SLF/Wright Pathfinder
Two vehicles that started life new in Harlow with County Bus, barely moved from the 502 (Harlow to Romford via Debden) from new until the routes' withdrawal, soon after which they left. What made these vehicles special was that they were amongst the first low-floor buses in the former London Country area, their purchase being part-funded by Essex County Council. Two returned home with Trustybus, whose livery they gained and they were also fitted with LED displays. One (M268VPU) has been scrapped, and the other is out of use at the moment, it future rather uncertain.     
267 M267VPU

The C3 was the initial home for these two vehicles. 267 heads for Waltham Cross. (R Hudson).


Dennis Dart 8.5m/Plaxton Pointer
Former London Buses step-entrance Dart have come and gone, one remains and is kept as a back-up vehicle. It's departure is expected imminently.
161 L161XRH

Seen in service on the C3 with Holdbrook Estate as the main destination.  (R Hudson)


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