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First, through their predecessors, have a long history of serving Harlow. This ceased however when commercial route 333 was passed to Excel Coaches, this following the loss of ECC tendered work.
They returned to the Harlow scene in a very small way, picking up the one-bus 347 service from 6th July 2009, this lasting until November 2014. After a gap of 17 months they have now returned with the one-bus approximately 2-hourly ECC Sunday service on the normally Arriva operated 59. The 59 is a number with a long history of connecting Harlow with Chelmsford, and most of that time it was an Eastern National or First service.

We will give some illustrations of vehicles seen operating on the 59 here. This page is in no way intended to reflect the very significant allocation of vehicles the company has around Chelmsford and the rest of Essex. A full First East of England fleet list can be found at

Alexander-Dennis E200/E20
A bus which was a regular visitor to the 347 was the very first to serve the new First 59 Sunday service. The Chelmsford City branding is actually appropriate for the new task, although it was just as predominantly displayed on the last.
44544 YX13AKF

Leaving Harlow Bus Station is 44544 on the first day of the Sunday service on route 59 by First. (R Hudson)

Optare Solo
A large fleet of Solos operates in Chelmsford. These would seem to be a suitable choice of vehicle for a service like the 59 although those noted below reflect operation of the 347 from the last time First operated in the town.

Early days operation of the 347 under First stewardship used Solos. These are shown for illustrative purposes only. (R Hudson)
    53136 illustrates the Chelmsford City logo on a Solo, in this case the longer M920 version. (R Hudson)


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